The Nordic Welfare landscapes  

There is plenty to learn from our neighboring countries on welfare landscapes. There are clear historical parallels, but also common challenges within contemporary urban development. Due to the relevancy and (academic) interest, the research on the welfare landscape has gained speed not only in Sweden but also in the other Nordic countries over the past years, emerging into a Nordic network on welfare landscape research. After discussions as well as the first workshop held online, we hosted this week the first on-site workshop within the Nordic Welfare and Landscape Network.

The first days’ excursion to the neighborhoods in Upplands Väsby and Årsta (Uppsala), built in the 60s/70s, as well as the ongoing planning projects, stimulated reflections and discussions on the similarities and differences between planning the welfare landscapes not only in Sweden, but also in Denmark, Finland, and Norway. The second day allowed for the discussions and planning of the work in progress on the publication in the making. 

The workshop supported not only the plans for the common publication on welfare landscapes. It also broadened our views and hopefully inspired new collaborations. It was a pleasure to meet peers in person, and explore suburban landscapes on a beautiful day in May, and we are looking forward to continuing working together. 

Upplands Väsby, 9th of May 2022, photo author: Neva Leposa
Smedby (Upplands Väsby), 9th of May, 2022, photo author: Neva Leposa

Neva Leposa

Neva Leposa has a PhD in Environmental Social Sciences. Her research interest lies in exploring framing, governance, and planning human-nature relations. She empirically explores outdoor recreation at seas as well as in urban places.